Being PC

There is a risk in today’s world of offending others in order to state your point or to unveil the truth. Being politically correct is a hard chess game and in this game there are many teams. Two of these teams are say what you think and do not offend. There are many other considerations but I wanted to focus on these two as they are often the extreme routes.

In a summary, when dealing with being PC, these two arguments are do it regardless of other’s feelings or do not consider your own feelings. It is easy to see how these are both not appropriate mentalities to have. In one case, you would ignore the thoughts of others which is not decent human behaviour and the other sacrifices self-esteem and teaches lying to yourself, saying that others’ feelings are more important than your own.

Now I have found myself in a scenario where I am battling expressing my own feelings with not offending others. What makes it harder is where you are dealing with people you care about. There’s always regret in bad words but when it is to someone you love, it can make it harder to live with yourself.

I’m just starting off so I do not have an answer. For now, the only thing I can say is ask yourself: is the fight worth it? Are you dealing with something important or are you arguing because you need to show dominance in dispute? Reflect on yourself and if you can answer this question, you’ll be consoled with the thought that, maybe it is killing you to offend these people but, in the big picture, what you are saying is right.