Forgotten ones…

Time for a spot of drama. That gets the attention, doesn’t it?

Now I’ve never prided myself on having a lot of friends. And when I say friends, I mean those special people. The ones you could pour your heart out to and they would understand. I’ve had friends since I was a wee teeny laddie. I’ve had friends who greatly helped me with my work. There were those special ones who gave me attention even when I didn’t fairly return it. I guess I don’t know what I have util I lose it. And lose them, I did, I’m mortified to admit.

And trust me, if you’re like me, getting people to genuinely find an interest in you and talk to you is hard to do. But every now and then, someone would approach me and want to get to know me. I don’t know why, maybe they saw a bit of me in them. It’s most likely looking back. I haven’t had a lot of loud friends, they’ve all been quiet, smart, conserved and weird (the weird ones were always a treat).

The childhood friend is a complex one. Most people believe that the longer you have a friend, the more they qualify for being a best friend. It’s gonna sound cliche but I don’t believe in best friends. I find that the qualities you find in other people as well as the qualities they help you find in yourself outweighs that concept. So, no, not best friends but different types of great friends.

My childhood friend. Known him since I was 4. We’d play tag, hide and seek, even the Nothing Club from Camp Lazlo. Went to the same secondary school, too. Only guys from our school who knew each other who went. He was a lifelong companion. Well, 12 years anyway. Haven’t spoken to him in over a year.

Intellectual supreme. This guy was the first person I made friends with who was smarter than me, which was so weird. And I don’t say that to insult my other friends. I was turning to this guy for help with work and life. He just knew stuff and was always willing to help. At some points, he would go out of his way, you don’t get those kind of people often. I haven’t spoken to him in 3 years.

I’m not going to bore you with the rest. There is one thing more I’ll say, I haven’t forgotten any of them. Not really. I know their names , I remember their personalities. That’s why I befriended them.

In short, I’ve never had a lot of true friends but the ones I had, I cared for a lot, more than they’ll ever know. And I haven’t talked to them in ages. I don’t know if they held me as high in their minds as I did (do) them. Or maybe I haven’t talked to them in so long and it’s turned them away.

The more obvious suggestion I could give you would be to always remain in contact with all of your friends. Don’t forget them and don’t let them forget you. And I really want to say that. I hate going into large rooms fulled with people, but if I could walk into a room filled with all the wonderful and amazing friends I’ve made who’ve changed my life for the better, I wouldn’t think twice. However, we forget friends and I’m going to try and explain why that’s a good thing if you feel guilty (‘cos I know I do!)

It’s impossibly hard for someone to have a hundred close friends, otherwise, what you share isn’t very precious. And they have lives, letting go and allowing them to move on is what’s best for them. They will go on to make the friends that will support their adult lives as will you. Cherish that they were there for your  younger years, they made the good times great and the bad times better. Oh, miss them, for sure. They deserve that but be happy for them, wherever they’ve gone.

Author: HotCocoaAndPotatoSalad

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