Place of Escape

Life is going to get you down, take a break for a while.

Do you have a place of escape? Somewhere you can go and feel and relaxed, where life just seems to move to the back of your mind and you can breathe comfortably?

Finding these places and using them can almost literally be a breath of fresh air. They’re sanctuaries where you retreat to when you feel threatened by the situation (gonna steal that one from you, Lemony) or if the stress is too much for you in the moment and you need the space. For a small period of time, you need to be the only person on your mind and not constantly thinking about others, just to be able to get away for an hour or two.

I found a place, recently. It’ll only work for the cold season, seeing as parents might hate me if I was hear all the time. There’s a park close to where I live, nobody uses it in January, it’s too cold. I tend to sit on the swing and have my headphones on, listening to whatever’s on my phone (creepy, right?). This method gives me the walk to get there as well as the satisfying rest stop. When I get back, I feel rejuvenated to do my daily tasks and not completely robotic.

This is something I definitely advise to any of you who read my blog. Find a place of escape where you can just breathe, last time I checked, you kinda need to do it to live. Find a place where you can relax, appreciate the world you live and, most importantly, appreciate yourself. Think about whatever you want, that hour or two is all yours and nothing else has to affect it.

Don’t think the place has to be a park or some place similar. It is quite literally the place that makes you feel happy (bedroom of crushes are restricted). Somewhere where you mind can feel at ease. It can be a cinema, if the films make you happy, a library if books are your thing. Somewhere where you can appreciate being alive, appreciating what you like and who you are.

Good night, you potatoes. Enjoy the cocoa.

I’ve written 10 of these stupid things now. Going strong.

Author: HotCocoaAndPotatoSalad

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