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Should I wear this today?

This is a bit of a weird topic, considering I almost know nothing about the matter. Clothes. I am going to talk about clothes. Wow, what has this blog become?

My sense of fashion is strange to say the least. And I don’t mean to insult anyone by strange as my meaning is it goes against the norm. I don’t follow fashion trends, what most people would consider modern styles and must-wears, I sometimes find ugly or stupid-looking. I believe it’s due to how I see myself, the person I see when I look in the mirror.

Now, for those people with social anxiety, you may be able to relate. Maybe you don’t wear the clothes you think look cool because you think other people will judge you because of them. I had this problem for a long time. I had become so accustomed to my quiet, bookworm-ish lifestyle that anytime I even thought about wearing something ‘cool’ I was worried I was going to be made fun of. Maybe what I thought was cool, other people found ridiculous or maybe I was just the nerd trying too hard to be ‘cool’. Having this stage can be difficult. Trying to fit in with peers is important and it’s really simple to dress like them to be able to have that common ground. Most people are less likely to talk to someone with their hood up, sitting in the corner of the cafeteria. Exuding confidence is never going to be easy and trying to pull people in is going to be rough if you try too hard.

I recently learned something about myself, however. My birthday was not too long ago, and being in my early twenties, getting toys is no longer acceptable [ :_( ].  So, clothing becomes really popular as a gift. I received lots of stylish clothes, new Adidas trainers, bomber jackets, straight jeans. If it was my brother’s birthday, he’d be in heaven. I was appreciative of the gift and liked wearing them, it showed a different side of me, the guy who would alternate between different coloured hoodies and denim jeans.

Then, today, after coming home from class and changing out of my new clothes which I had tried on for the first time since my birthday, I put on my old hoodie and jeans. And I felt really happy. I felt relaxed, comfortable and just…myself. I had for so long thought my sense of fashion was holding me back from making friends with all the stylish people that I had forgotten how my clothing made me feel. My hoodie and jeans reminded me not to try too hard, to calm down. I had learnt to accept that I was a guy who likes to wear simple clothes. I didn’t need to be the guy who had to turn heads with his clothes. I like being plain, old, normal me. It was who I was.

You should never be afraid to experiment. It may be easy for me to say, “Don’t worry about what others think of you,” because that nagging voice will always be in the back of your head, telling you that you look stupid because of your clothes. But changing style isn’t something to be worried about. If you want to wear outrageous clothes, do it if it’s what you really want. And if you just want to wear that boring old hoodie then you rock it. People are wrong to judge you by what you wear, they are wrong to say what you wear is stupid and they are wrong to say that your style is no style. If your style is you and shows who you are, then it’s perfect.

Good night, you potatoes. Enjoy the cocoa.

Author: HotCocoaAndPotatoSalad

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