OK, so not incredibly original, but seriously, charming and suave is Leonardo DiCaprio and this guy, dude, this guy is suave on another level, even if he won’t admit and if he reads this he’ll be like, “OK, so this guy is obviously crazy!” No, Leo, I am not, this is you.

Every so often, you’ll run into someone who just seems to have a way around people. You’d look at him or her and think this guy could be friends with anyone. He just has that manner. Always smiling, looking to make people smile, someone everyone should be friends with. If you’re feeling down you would just ask this guy to come over and chill because everything just seems so calm when he’s around, Drama runs out of the room and it’s replaced with just chill.

My new group already knew each other beforehand, which was always a little complicated to deal with. So I don’t know if they felt this way with Leo when I met him. Every conversation with him was a delight, it’d be funny or it would be heartwarming. There’d be relatable conversations and sometimes there would be deep conversations.

You could talk to this guy about anything and he would know how to talk back. And the group knew it, it wasn’t just me. They would talk to him and it was great to do it. I’m hoping he enjoyed it as much as we did.

He stopped hanging around us after a while. He left the committee, it was a lot to juggle with his course and everything. That vacant feeling was always there, and still is. Sure, we’d see him every now and then and it would be great, I’m happy that he did what he had to do for his own betterment, he deserves that. But, I liked that feeling of him being there and the group missed him, too.

We love you, Leo.

Author: HotCocoaAndPotatoSalad

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