I’m always the one to forgive. Personally, I do not see anything bad about an apology, you won’t look any less in front of me, in fact, and you’ll only serve to be viewed as a better person. I’m always one to welcome someone back if they felt that they were out of line.

Fact of the matter is, I can’t trust someone who always thinks that they’re right. I don’t see anything humane about that. If someone can’t possess the humility to say they’re wrong and that they are sorry, then I don’t hold that person in high regard. The people who always tell you that they are right are the ones that are saying that you are wrong just because you’re not saying the same thing they are. There isn’t even a chance that they are wrong. They make you feel stupid, worthless and impossible to improve.

I am by no means a perfect person. God knows, I’ve been wrong way more times in my life than I’ve been right. That’s what makes having this problem so hard. I can’t tell anymore. My head says I’m wrong when my heart says I’m right, I’m torn by what I should think or say and what I want to think and say.

But the amount of times I’ve been told I am wrong makes it impossible for me to try and live up to others reputation. I look at others and think I’ll never be as smart as them. I’ll never be as sophisticated as them. I’ll never be as successful as them. There is obviously a problem with me.

Truth is I think I’ve apologised so many times, it never occurred to me that maybe they’re wrong. I guess I’ll never know because I’ll never say anything, I can’t ever because that’s not who I am. There’s a time and a place to say something and unfortunately, that time will never come with them.

All I can say is, when it’s my time, I’m not gonna mess up.

Author: HotCocoaAndPotatoSalad

real talk

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